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Peacebuilders in Bougainville

Overview of Peace Process in Bougainville

Peacebuilders International has contributed to the peace process in a number of significant and fruitful ways, including the training in peacebuilding of Mr Dennis Kuiai, the author of this paper, and the First Secretary in the Office of the President, Autonomous Bougainville Government. Bougainville Revolutionary Army Commander, Ishmael Toroama also trained in peacebuilding by attending the International Intensive Course in Peacebuilding offered in Sydney, Australia by Peacebuilders International. It was out of this training that the current initiatives of comprehensive weapons disposal and intentional and planned reconciliation were formulated. Inter-regional reconciliation including the reconciliation between Sir Julius Chan and the late President of Bougainville, Hon Joseph Kabui was suggested by Peacebuilders International Chief Executive Director, Ian Stehbens. Prior to this, Peacebuilders International has generated a number of other initiatives. It has been quietly influential in achieving the initial peace agreement, and the first resolve and offer of the BRA to dispose of weapons as well as community based trauma healing programs in key locations in Bougainville including Nagowis, Roreinang, Tonu and Buka.

A presentation on the Bougainville Peace Process was prepared by Dennis Kuiai, First Secretary, Office of the President, Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and presented by Hon Ezekiel Masatt, ABG Minister for Police at a United Nations sponsored meeting of Pacific Region Experts Meeting on Sharing Experiences on the Constructive Management of Conflict in Port Vila, Vanuatu, 2008.