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Government Support

"The Pacific PeaceBuilding Initiatives is a wonderful idea, and I have high hopes for this program" - Senator John Watson, Senator for Tasmania, who used PPBI as the subject for a speech in the Australian Parliament on 19 August, 2003. Senator Watson's speech will be made available soon.

"It is encouraging to learn that Pacific PeaceBuilding Initiatives is seeking to act against the continuing unrest in a number of Pacific countries." - The Hon. Warren Truss, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.

"The areas on which you are instructing your students should put them in a good position to build peace in the Pacific." - Mrs Margaret May, Member for McPherson.

"I believe the program has the potential to greatly benefit those living in the Pacfic area by assisting the residents to deal with situations which involve violence and inequality." - Mr Gavan O'Connor, Member for Corio.

"I agree entirely that there is an urgent need to develop a critical mass of leaders who are trained in techniques of non-violence and committed to alternatives to conflict and armed struggle." - Senator Santo Santoro, Senator for Queensland.

"While there are significant peace movements around the world, the initiatives that I am promoting is related yet different. The void that I believe needs filling is restoring the peace, and infrastructure and community rebuilding after conflict.
What is needed is some form of internation reconciliation arm of the United Nations or a similar organisation that has a role not unlike Moral Rearmament following World War 2, or Nelson Mandela's Peace Reconciliation in South Africa.
Pacific PeaceBuilding Initiatives is seeking to bring training to Church and Government leaders in peace building, mediation and reconciliation as an alternative to the violence and killings that have occured in the Pacific and in South East Asia in recent times. This is a worthy objective.
Indeed, conflict, violence, inequality and instability continue to abound around the globe and in our own region. In a world of violence and anger, there is a need for leaders to be empowered and encouraged to generate processes which transform conflict in their communities and nations." - Senator John Watson, Senator for Tasmania.

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