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Project Reports

Peacebuilding in Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2008

A report on the 2008 project run in Bali will be made available soon.

Peacebuilding program in Sydney, 2007

Our intensive peacebuilding program run in Sydney brings together leaders from around the Asia/Pacific region for training in peacebuilding and the flow-on effect from these programs leaves a positive impact for years to come. Read the 2007 Sydney Peacebuilding program report here.

Peacebuilding in Bali, Indonesia,  2006

The 2006 Bali Project has had a big impact in Bali, changing the way conflict is dealt with. A report on the program is available as a PDF.

Peacebuilding in Solomon Islands, 2005

Reconciliation continues to be a major goal in Solomon Islands, with projects continuing around the country in aid of this. Peacebuilders alumni are involved heavily in these projects. One of these projects was run directly by Peacebuilders International. Read a report from the program here.

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